Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On the way to the airport

I have always had a infatuation with construction equipment. Maybe it started when I was a kid and I was playing with Tonka trucks and Caterpillar bulldozers. Maybe it just has to do with the names of the machinery itself, earth mover, bulldozer, backhoe, jackhammer and so on. The words themselves seem powerful and mysterious like the secrets of a magician. It could also just be the fact that their purpose is both to destroy and rebuild. or it could just be that the machines themselves looks real cool. This one I don't know the name of. It is used to build the elevated track for the light rail train. I have seen it many times in the last few months on my way out to the airport. I like the fact that a machine can move along and create an elevated surface. It looks like a bug slowly creeping towards Seattle in some horror movie, "The Slug that clogged the Roadways", or unclogged them eventually I guess. That remains to be seen. The bridge builder or whatever it is called still looks real cool.

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ig said...

i like the machines too but why are so many of them named Hyster??? It reminds me of hysteria or the old Greek Hystera for uterus.

i always wonder how they came up with that name for heavy machinery. It seems so wrong.