Friday, May 25, 2007

Long Weekend

Looks like we will be heading to the Folklife festival after I get off work for the start to our long weekend. My wife wants to look for some art for our bare wall in the living room. I know the excitement never stops.

Tomorrow we should be heading out to see our friends the Sugar Skulls open the show at Nuemo's. They are playing with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Pleaseesaur (not sure about that spelling). Should be a good time. The rest of the weekend will be spent in quite contemplation.

The long weekend is sort of a double edged sword. I get excited and when it starts its great. The second day is great as well, but I can feel something is amiss. The third morning even better, but I don't want it to end. Then when I return to work, I realize I have an extra day's worth of stuff to do, and one less day in the week to do it. It can set the balance off for months. Right about when its back to normal, another one arrives. crazy, I know.

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