Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shut down pending

Is it wrong that the impending governmental shutdown is getting me kinda horny? I think most of it is posturing, like watching two mountain goats face off. Then the opposing sides will shake thier heads and get back to arguing again. I remember the last shutdown and we are still here, the sky didn't fall.

Check out article on Bristol Palin and her abstinence campaign

Bristol's Abstinence Outrage

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first synth

In 1989 I took a class in electronic music. It was my first exposure to synthesizers. My school had a very good collection of hardware, though at the time I didn't recognize the importance. I was busy using the tools I personally owned. 10 years went by before I revisited electronic music and the use of hardware and software as musical tools. I don't remember exactly when it was but sometime around 2001-2002 I bought my first synth, the Roland PMA-5.

A friend introduced me to the PMA-5. He and his band mates had discovered them and were using them all the time. The PMA-5 was designed as an all in one tool. It had synth sounds, drum sounds, guitar sounds, as well as a sequencer and effects. It could also be used with other synths as a sound source.

I sold it a few years back in the rush to buy something else, I don't remember exactly what, but I do remember it fondly.