Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/PLEASEEASAUR/Sugar Skulls

Last night we made it out to Nuemo's for a satisfying night of weird and wacky music.

The first band was Sugar Skulls. The three front women were clad in outfits made from a dumpster dived shower curtain. Looking past the outfits into their heavily bass/violin driven jazzy numbers one will find a tight unit. They have spent sometime recording recently and I only hope the CD can capture the live experience which was exceptional. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

Pleaseeasaur is a one man act that can only be completely experienced live. I will say that for a lo-fi multimedia show, this guy takes the cake. Funny, engaging and all together wacky, I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the pleasure before.

For me the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum fills a much needed gap in today's music. They build some of their own instruments, play found percussion, weave together dissonance, melody, and junk industrial performance. They do this without sounding like many of the other bands who do this now or in the past. This is to say that have their own style. Whimsical one moment, psychotic the next, heavy and soft they flow in and out of styles flawlessly. A must for fans of Crash Worship, Hitting Birth, Sharkbait and Babyland.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that a girl I used to know, Heidi, is one of the front women in 'Sugar Skulls'. She is zany and cool. (However, I haven't talked to her since getting sober- the mutual friends that bonded us were folks I used to get into too much trouble with). I'm glad to see that her band is still making music.

mthead said...

Yes Heidi is still in Sugar Skulls. I have only met her once. The bass player Ursula works with Deb at Hothouse.