Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Television void

We have passed the void, but I still feel an emptiness approaching early as most of the shows I like are hitting the summer rerun period. I know that some of the other shows I usually watch in the summer won't be starting until the middle of June.
The Sopranos are winding down, with characters dropping like flies. I won't elaborate for those who haven't caught up yet. But with only a couple of episodes left Sunday night is looking bleak. Who knows when Deadwood will start. I try not to look on the websites to find out in advance when shows are airing, I like the surprise.
I like to think back to when the Sopranos first started. I watched a few of the first episodes with my wife, but then a band I was working for went on tour. Soon most of the band and crew became fans of the show and we would try to find hotels with HBO so we could watch the latest episode every Sunday night. I think we also saw "Office Space" in the theater on that tour. Some good entertainment that year.

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