Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunshine the review

I thought the movie was great. It had the bleak setting, the nihilistic crew member, the idealist, the mystic, the traitor, the hero, and so on. The effects were great. The nods to past sci-fi movies were great. My wife hated it, which clenched the fact that it was a great sci-fi movie, because if other people like them then they are just another summer movie.


I'm also looking forward to the new impacttestdummy recording. We head into the studio in the later part of August. I have some real cool ideas to work on. I think its going to sound good.


After work my wife and I will head down to Pacific Place to watch the Danny Boyle sci-fi flick, Sunshine. It looks promising from the reviews I have read, as well as the trailer I saw a while back. From what I understand the sun is burning out and the world is about to come to an end, so they send a ship that is basically a big bomb to turn the sun back on. I don't think it can go wrong. I'll post a review after we get home.

I also got a skateboard today. I haven't ridden in like 20 years, but I think it will be fun to try again. I need to go outside more.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shootings in Delridge area.

In the last two days, two shootings occurred in my neighborhood. If I am to believe this article in the PI, the shootings were over a dispute about a ring. Now I know people get all riled up about jewelry after the Tolkien trilogy was made into the movie extravaganza by Peter Jackson, but come on shoot somebody over a ring. When I was younger that was just a beating offense. If kids today really need to resort to violence, I think they should stop turning to guns. Delridge already has a bad rep. Look at the comments to the PI's article. The first one is a sarcastic remark about shootings in Delridge. Our neighborhood is better than that. Think about it.

CH Block Party

We went down to the Capitol Hill Block Party on Saturday for 5 hours or so. Met some friends and walked around the booths, which took about 15 minutes. The stages were set up in an odd configuration, I didn't like the layout. This also brings me to my other complaint, why? I mean the block party just seemed like any other summer festival show. ( Ozzfest, Lollapalozza, Sasquatch) So, I don't know why it was called the Block Party. It is a paid to get in event, it doesn't benefit the local businesses, it benefits no one really in my mind ( I later found out some money goes to the Vera Project, but how much?). The people seemed to like it. I saw a couple of bands that put on good sets. So I guess the block party is just about seeing some cool bands in the street.
Gabriel Teodros was great, only caught the end of his set, but it was amazing. A live hip hop band is always the way to go if you are watching hip hop and his band was great.
Grand Archives were good as well, I still think that the vocals could be louder, and at least one song made me think of The Carpenters, but I do love their harmonies. I need to catch them somewhere other than Neumos, the sound there has been lacking since the departure of house soundman Scotty.
Against Me were a powerful pop/punk band ( although I hate to use that label). The crowd went crizazy for them.
I waited until 9:45 for Spoon, who set up some of their own gear ( always a sign of a cool band) and then slammed right into the first song when they got on stage. I saw them several years back at The Crocodile and they have only gotten better. the singer Britt Daniels has a great stage presence and kept the crowd involved. I would have liked to hear the horns that were on the new record, but I understand.
I took the photo above during Spoon's set, the night sky above the block party.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Owl heads posing

My wife sent me this yesterday from the dumpster for the new Cha Cha on Capitol Hill.

I like the owl people, they look ominous, as well as posing for the camera. I thought this would be a good picture for the weekend as my wife won tickets to the Capitol Hill Block Party and I think we will be spending a little time in that area. I will bring my camera to take some photos. We have to go to a wedding tonight so we might not make it until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New sticker on garbage container by the bank

I was dropping off a deposit today when I saw this on a dumpster outside the bank.

I think I have seen the ghost part before, but I can't be sure. The pincers almost look like an afterthought. Looks pretty cool though.

In another note, it looks like the Strangers slog has once again come to the party late. In this post Jen Graves talks about NTG. She also puts a link to the video at Dodge and Burn that shows him posting art outside and talks about his art opening last April. Just seems to me like they might not want to post his real name. I know that Dodge and Burn posted it back in April, but I think that the Slog might have a few more readers. With the recent closing of all ages shows at Atlas after the article that Eric Grandy wrote, one would think that Stranger writers might think before they post. I did learn that the stickers of creepy looking children are a different artist like I thought. They go by the name Dogleaf,here is a link to a flickr page with lots of their artwork .

Monday, July 23, 2007

harry potter?

Maybe I will go to the harry potter movie today and try to improve my attitude. It might be too soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter And the Dorky Hollows

I hate Harry and his fellow schoolmates. Does anyone else think it is a little too much like Star Wars?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Please make the sun go out.

I am ready for the Ice age. If anyone out there knows how to turn off the sun, do it. If not off, a dimmer then. I can't sleep right. When I can't sleep right I tend to be irritated easily. I also have much less empathy, than my already dangerously low level for anyone else. Except my cat, he is exempt and my wife, she gets a pass as well.

Friday, July 13, 2007

too hot, until today

I woke up this morning and realized that it had just been too hot to post this week. But then I saw it had rained a little last night. So I made this little animation to celebrate. But it doesn't want to play. So I left the frame of my nose up. Go to the Sunset Tavern in Ballard tonight. My friends Garth and Lindsey Reeves are in town from New York City. They play at 7pm. Go you'll like it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Cool stickers on Alki

My wife and I were down on Alki last night getting some fish and chips, when she saw these cool stickers. I don't think these are the work of NTG, but they looked cool anyway. Sort of an angry cat / skull mask. Meow!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Seattle noise podcast

I added a new blog to the list, trash stratum. They released a podcast of Seattle noise this week that is an awesome sampling of local noise acts. They also calender just about every Seattle noise show, so if you are wondering where to go to see some noise in Seattle check out trash stratum.

The first podcast titled " Undergrowth" features 6 tracks from cassette's and Cd's of local noise and information on upcoming shows in between tracks. Some of my favorite tracks are from Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and …Wind Swept Planes…. They were great for breaking up the space of my work day. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Melt Banana at Chop Suey

Last night I went to the Melt Banana show at Chop Suey. They are by far my favorite live band playing now. They are energetic, innovative and just plain fun to watch, as well as listen to. Not to mention the singer says thank you after every song. I took these photos with my cell phone and it seems to not be functioning right anymore. Oh well it did go thru the wash. You can't see Agata the guitarist because his strap broke and he had to sit for several songs. That didn't stop them from sounding totally insane. He is an amazing guitar player, the sounds he makes are out of this world.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I saw this demon skull when we were in the Pearl district in PDX this weekend. I had forgotten to bring my camera or I might have had more photos as Portland is still very much and industrial city, but alas I will have to make another trip for those. We saw some very nice public park-like spaces with ponds and fountains and the like. Seems like things have changed since my last trip down.