Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping this year into old age

Last night I took advantage of the good weather and did some longboarding down the street from our condo. This morning when I woke up my body was sore and my bones were creaking. it was good to work out my aggressions on the road, and I was inspired by a book I checked out of the library called, " Scarred for Life". It is stories about skateboaders and skateboarding. One of the stories referenced a filmmaker I know , Brian Lilla you can see a trailer of the film "20 to Life" on his website.

Not that I really needed any motivation to skate, I just needed it not to rain.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Be kind Jack and Mos

So last Friday my wife and I went to see, "Be Kind Rewind". Jack Black become magnitized after trying to short circut a power transformer and erases all the tapes at the video store his friend Mos Def works at. They solve this problem by shooting their own versions of the movies and create a following in the neighborhood. The movie companies shut them down and the locals help out. I won't ruin the movie by giving out the end.

It started a little slow, but it picks up and turns into a very funny movie. I would suggest seeing it in the theater, just for old times sake.

Knight Rider

So I didn't make it all the way thru, but we watched some of the new Knight Rider movie last night. Val Kilmer as Kitt the car had me enthralled as an updated HAL 9000 type voice. it was the only thing keeping me interested, the nanotech skin of the car was ok, but the idea became stale soon, as it has been overused in new shows and movies.

The voice was so soothing it put me to sleep. I think Val could do good marketing a sleep aid mp3 where he lulls buyers to sleep with the soothing sounds of him speaking as Kitt. "Imagine a pile of hay, you lie down and relax as it surrounds your body. You feel very sleepy and can feel your eyes getting heavy. Let go, close your eyes and feel the hay surrounding you. Feel yourself fall asleep."

Multimedia message

Monday, February 25, 2008

Indeed, Omar?

So now that the writers strike is over and the first new episode of Saturday Night Live has played, I have become attached to the shows I was watching on DVD during the break. After catching up to the current season of HBO's "The Wire" we began to watch the current season On Demand and last night we caught the latest episode where, Omar finally met his match in a young corner boy who takes him out when while he is buying a pack of smokes. The realism wasn't lost on me as Omar had dropped his guard and is killed in an anti-climactic scene. He wasn't in a gunfight with Chris and Snoop, or anyone else for that matter, just feeling safe at the store and a kid walks up and takes him out. Adios Omar, you will be missed.

Friday, February 22, 2008

movies this weekend

My wife and I are thinking of going to a movie tonight. My problem is for weeks I haven't seen any movies that looked worth watching. We went to the Central Cinema the other night, but today I want to see a film I haven't seen before. I yearn for fresh entertainment. Its hard this time of year, with the Oscars coming up this weekend the majority of the movies out are contestants and I have seen most of them already. The ones I haven't seen, I don't want to.

"Be Kind Rewind" starts today and I think we will check it out.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

photos from Olympia

On Sunday night we went to Olympia to see a play called "Don Juan in Chicago". I didn't take any pictures of the performance, but I took these of the alley outside during intermission.

Central Cinema

Last night my wife and I went to the Central Cinema after having the fish and chips at Quinn's , which was amazing as always.

The Central Cinema is a locally owned movie theater that serves pizza and beer, homemade popcorn and great desserts. We had a pot of tea and creme brulee and watched "Drop Dead Gorgegous" one of my personal favorites from the 90's. The theater is small enough to feel homey, but big enough to not seem like someones basement entertainment room.

The tea was good as well as the dessert and the service was top notch.

Some of the coming attractions looked good, so I think we will be back.

Friday, February 15, 2008

photo from moving car

I took this photo of a construction site in NYC from a moving car at night. I liked the way the lights looked.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentines day is always like playing with a loaded weapon. If you aren't careful you'll get hurt. Get flowers, get candy, make dinner, just plan ahead and do something to show you are thinking.

Someone I know waited too long and is now scrambling to make plans today. From past experience I know, today is too late to make plans. Plan ahead.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New sofa and a comfortable CD

My wife took today off, a good idea as our plane got into Seattle at 11:45 last night after a quick trip to New York to visit our nephew Jake and the rest of her family. She was also staying home to receive our new sofa. I can't wait to try it out. I mean, I tried it in the store, but it just isn't the same as kicking it in front of the TV, sinking in and relaxing. That feeling can only be created in its true enviroment. Soon, yes very soon.
I also bought the new Bob Mould cd, District Line. I have followed Bob Mould since I won tickets to see Husker Du on the radio when I was in high school. I have seen all the incarnations of his solo bands and Sugar over the years, so I guess I am a fan.
To me his solo work is very comfortable. This cd has a good mix of influences of his past works. Yet as always I feel it has progressed into something different from them as well. I like the way he includes his electronic side with his punk roots. I would suggest this to old fans and new converts.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Peter Luger

So last night my mother in-law took us out to Peter Luger in Brooklyn. It was all I hoped for. Steak the way it is made to be cooked. Some friends in the area came out, we ate good food, talked and relaxed until the maiter de' signaled that we should give up our table. A nice start to our trip to New York.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

"I won't lie, I've been drinkin a little", these words could mean a good show or a trainwreck that is about to break up the band.

In the case of The Cops it was a good time for everyone. Tonight is the first time I have witnessed the unbridled sonic assault that they bring. I went to see Kinski who didn't let me down as well, but The Cops are a whole different animal. A five piece band, three guitars (which I personally love), bass and drums. The singer is a wild man, he played one song from the audience floor. Soundwise they felt like a 70's rock band with a loose Stones/Stooges vibe. No a huge turnout for a Tuesday night a Neumos, but the band was crazy all the same. I will have to check them out again.