Monday, May 7, 2007

Writer's block or otherwise known as the dark period (too heavy ? I think so )

This one of my artistic phases where I 'm fairly stuck. Now in the past I would hit this point going crazy. Try real hard to keep busy, you know force it out. Like when you rock back and forth on the toilet when you are constipated. Or is that just me? Anyway, its not like I'm not doing anything, I just have lots of ideas that I keep refusing to write down. Or if I do I don't finish them. Or I tell them to people and then they don't sound as good to me as they did in my head. I took this photo a few months ago and keep coming back to it. I think its a good representation of electronic music. Its DJ L.A.M.P. playing with the noisettes. I wish I could be playing like that. But for now I can at least capture that feeling in the wild.

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