Monday, April 30, 2007

tulip festival

So I forgot to bring the camera and I haven't been able to download photos I took with my phone of the Tulip ( code for dust) Festival we went to this weekend in Mount Vernon. When I suggested this Friday night it sounded like a good idea. I told my wife that I would check the Internet, they had to have a website that would tell us if the flowers were still blooming. I looked and the last report said they still had some flowers blooming. Apr. 25th was the last entry. We went up on Apr. 28th. My eyewitness report. Not too many flowers, thank you. We paid $3.00 per person to go into the Rosengarrde. Still not many flowers, some yes, but not $3.00 worth. I know they had other events going on and they say the flowers bloom on natures time and all that shit, but come on. The bulb fields had been worked on some time ago, and the garden was all but finished. Sure it was a nice drive. We got to do some shopping at the outlet mall. But I wanted some flowers. I saw more at the market on Sunday. I will post pics later.

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