Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roman Polanski is a rapist

So I seen plenty of reports in the media over the last couple of days about Roman Polanski's arrest in Switzerland. People seem to be confused about the issue.

He drugged, raped and sodomized young girl.

He came to a plea agreement, then left the country before fulfilling the requirements of the agreement. He has stayed out of the US since leaving to keep from being prosecuted further. Those are all actions of someone who is trying to keep away from the law.

I have also seen it reported to no end about the woman he raped saying she doesn't think he should be charged any further. At the time of the incident she was too young to give consent, and under the influence of drugs, which also means she couldn't give consent.

He broke the law, fled prosecution, he should go to jail.

Approve Referendum 71

Please spend some time to educate about Referendum 71 on the ballot in November in Washington. Go here to learn more about approving Ref. 71 .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mallahan can't decide when to vote.

Check out this link to the Stranger slog post about how little Joe Mallahan cares about voting in local political races. As they said, "he’s missed more elections than he's participated in". I think I might have to vote for McGinn.