Monday, April 20, 2009

Throbbing Gristle

So it is just a few days away. I'm heading to SF on Thursday looking forwasrd to the show.

Anvil movie

So I took my wife to see Anvil, The story of Anvil this weekend at the Varsity in the U-District.

First the U-District has gotten much sketchyer at night. I haven't been there in a couple of years at night time. We ate at a Falafal joint a couple of blocks from the theater and the collection of drug dealers/users and random homeless was massive, They left us alone, but the reports of muggings recently made me wary.

The movie was great, a little slow, gave a good history of the band and a look into their lives a couple of years ago. Debbie was overcome with the bleak outlook, but I assured her fame has sort of returned for them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So we went to the movies...

To see the 3d version of "Monsters vs Aliens". It was quite good. Go see in the theaters in 3d or Imax 3d if you can. The comic relief of both Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogan was perfect.

After we headed to see Fast and Furious. Not in 3d, though that would have helped. They spent too much time talking and no enough driving fact cars and smashing them up. Being that I am male I still want the 1970 Dodge Charger from the movie or any of many of the cars in the film.

Friday, April 10, 2009

i'm lame

So I was going to go out last night, then I stayed home and watched movies instead.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mates of State/ Black Kids, Loaded

My wife got us tickets to the upcoming Mates of State/ Black Kids show Apr. 17th at Nuemos. The Mates have a mashup that was done by DJA of Mad Decent here .

This Thursday Loaded has their record release at the new Crocodile in Belltown. I think I might actually make it out to this show. I like the first single that has been getting a little airplay this week.

haven't seen any new movies

Lately. Been catching up on stuff I got from the library.

"Låt den rätte komma in" also known as "Let the Right One in" was movie I have been waiting for. I read the book and loved it only to find out it had already been made into a film when I was reading it. I missed in the theaters, but it was still good on dvd. Some of the background is lost in the film, but it is still an amazing story. Check it out.

The Wackness is a coming of age story about a teen age drug dealer who falls in love with his therapist's daughter over the summer of 1994. Its a little heavy towards the middle, but worth checking out.

I want to see the Anvil movie, as I have seen friends post about the premiere on Facebook, but it hasn't been released up here yet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Emerald City ComiCon

So I don't really read many comics these days. When I was in grade school I loved them. This was back when they cost like $.25 and I bought them at the drug store. Around when I hit high school I gave them all to someone else who liked comic books. When I hit college, I had some friends who read comics, so I became exposed to the world of underground comics. I still didn't buy many, but I read my friends comics.

I still like comics, but I don't buy them. I wait for them to be combined into a graphic novel, then I might buy them, but I might just read it at Barnes and Noble when I'm killing time before going to the movies.

This weekend was the Emerald City ComiCon a convention for comic readers/buyers. I never would have known, but I ran into my friend Eric Singletary at Safeway the other day and he told me he had just finished the first issue of his new comic, "The Two Percent Solution". So I thought I should go check it out.

After going to breakfast and dropping my wife off at work, I headed down to the convention center. the line for the cash machine was long, but the line to get in was epic. Two rooms worth of line snaking back and forth, no end in sight.

I saw a few people in costume, most were dressed like video game characters or Star Wars. I didn't find any comics I thought I needed to buy. The stars available for autographs/photos left me wondering if this was the only job they have now and trying to do the math on how much money they could make in the weekend.
Overall it was fun, saw some cool comics, lots of fun people watching and the general size of most of the people made me feel a little bit thinner. With that I'm off to the gym.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The sickness has held me in its grip for several days now. My vision is blurred and spotty. I feel weak, like the part of the herd soon to be fallen by predators. Skin on my hands is dry and cracked. My throat is raw from coughing. I don't feel well......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools sickness

So I have a different kind of April Fools Virus, not the kind that effects my computer, but my body. I makes me very cranky and not able to laugh at many jokes today. The joke today is mainly on the joke makers as I haven't found any that have warranted even a chuckle.