Friday, June 8, 2007

Can't and Naomi

Last night I headed out the the "Fried Chicken Barge" out on Airport Way for the Can't/ Naomi noise tourism show. I arrived a little late and missed the opening acts. I caught the end of the Drunken Jihad Kollective a performance art group that was doing a skit about cannibalism that didn't make a lot of sense, but was funny from what I saw. I will have to try and catch their next show.

Next up was Naomi an electronic artist from San Diego. She sang to ipod backing tracks. I would call this bubble gum noise. Her music was sort of electroclash/glitch and the combo with her dancing and singing was bouncy.

Then came Can't. Can't is the solo project of Jessica Rylan from Boston. She plays homemade modular synths and she also played some acoustic guitar (not what I was expecting). She markets her modular synths under the name Flower Electronics. The beginning was sort of a low square wave, slowly pulsing, she seemed to have some problems with hearing the monitors. The next piece she used a microphone that was being ring modulated thru the synth. Again she wasn't happy with the sound. Then something wasn't working on the modular synth. I was not to impressed with her synth sounds and her performance was sort of lackluster. This could have been equipment failure driven, but if so she didn't deal very well. After she did some interpretive dance and played acoustic guitar.

I was a little disappointed both acts seemed short. But at least I got home in time to play more Wii.

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