Wednesday, June 27, 2007

employee's at Guitar Center

So, I'm a little fuckin pissed. I decided to sell one of my expensive guitar effects to buy another expensive guitar effect. Selling it was no problem, list on craigslist, wait few days, field emails from interested parties, show unit to prospective buyer and count cash as he leaves our condo. Then on last Saturday I call Guitar Center to see if they have what I want in stock. I would have just bought online, but no one seemed to have the unit available in stock and the last piece of gear I bought special order took forever to arrive. When I talked to the first employee of Guitar Center they said they didn't have it, but I could pay for it, plus a shipping cost and get it in a few days. I thought I shouldn't have to pay for shipping, since if I ordered off their website I could get free shipping, so he said they could do it without shipping and I wouldn't have to pay upfront. I gave him my phone number and he said he would call when it got in. A couple of hours later another employee called to tell me I could order the effects unit from him and it would be in Tuesday or Wednesday. I thought it was a little weird, but I played along. Tuesday I called to ask if it had arrived and when no one in the accessories dept. would talk to me another employee said no one had ordered it and did I know who I spoke too on the weekend. I didn't. Long story and I still don't have the very expensive effects unit. I dislike Guitar Center, they never help me when I need it and always try to sell me things I don't need. I think after this I will only shop online.

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