Friday, June 22, 2007

look out for the iphone

So as I was looking for interesting stories I saw this on the strangers slog. People seems to be going wacko for the iphone, which really is just a phone with an ipod nano inside it, and a real cool touchscreen interface, that cost more than I want to spend for a phone or an ipod or a real cool touchscreen. I think evryone should calm down, its just a phone, I say as I scan the page at Guitar Center with the new filter pedal I want. Its all I have been able to think about for days, I should get over it too. But I won't, and neither will the myriads of people chomping at the bit waiting to buy the iphone. Stores are hiring temps to sell the little gadgets as fast as they can. Its crazy!!!

Apple is giving tours of the iphone here. I haven't watched it yet. I probably will soon, but I won't buy one, my wife might though.


ig said...

i think that the iphone is a miniature and simplified version of this.

mthead said...

yes i agree, but that one is harder to put in your pocket. would be a cool coffee table though.

ig said...

or look at this one