Thursday, June 7, 2007

it's alive

It is true. After three days of drying time I took my phone off the top of the cable box and went upstairs to put the battery back in. At first the lights on the keys sputtered and the screen stayed dark. I thought oh no it's dead, but then I tried hooking up the charger. No help still just flickering key lights then nothing. I told my wife the phone was dead. Then I unplugged the charger and took the battery out, reseated it then put the cover back on and tried again. Suddenly the Welcome screen comes to life!!! Then it told me to put the sim card in. I turned it off and complied with it request. When I turned it on again Ta-Dah!!! It worked fine. Then we went out for Chang's Mongolian Grill.
Later after dinner my wife bought me a Wii, so I would have a babysitter while she is gone next week. That bowling game is awesome.

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