Saturday, June 2, 2007

new sightings of no touching ground

A friend of my wife sent me a note saying that she saw another owl when she was out walking. So I decided I would go out and see if I could find any new animals. The owl she saw is real cool, in-flight. I also found what I think is a coyote.
I also found an impostor. or several. I didn't take photos of them all. But this one looked cool.
It was a nice drive and I also saw this nice piece of graffiti.
Now that's how I felt about the guy who tagged the fence where our dumpsters are in our building. I know its might be hypocritical to like looking at graffiti and slamming someone for tagging, but tagging without any art is just stupid.


WS said...

are any of these in West Seattle? just wondering, would like to tell the WS world if they are. you didn't mention locations (perhaps on purpose). thanks.

mthead said...

No none of these are in West Seattle. I don't mind saying where they are, I just didn't mention locations because I like the hunt of finding them.
The owl is on 12th and James on Capitol Hill.
The coyote is on Airport Way on an old building next to the Dept. of Transportation building, I don't know the nearest cross street off the top of my head.
The bug is on 11th between Pike and Pine on Capitol Hill.
and the wolf that is in the next post is right after the exit to Fremont off the Aurora Bridge. thanks for looking