Monday, June 4, 2007

More wet phone links, Dan McCarthy

I found another wiki on what to do if you get your phone wet. It is all common sense ( take out battery asap, take out Sim card if it has one, dry visible water off, put in warm dry place for three days, make sure phone is full dry before putting battery back in, hope for the best).

In a more positive note we bought some cool art this weekend. After we noticed the bear, owl and person stickers under the West Seattle bridge were painted over/ pulled down last week, which as an aside sucks as my morning commute will not be nearly as cool now, we became inspired to fill the empty space in our living room wall. I found a artist from Massachusetts who's screen prints I really liked. His name is Dan McCarthy you can check his art out here . He is running a series that ends in Sept. were we receive one print a month, it was for a year, but you can still sign up for a partial year. Cool.

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