Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So, the middle of the week can be frustrating. Not only does it signal the approaching weekend, but the arrival of the garbage-people. You might ask who is that, well I have posted earlier about the garbage pickup, and that hasn't happened yet today.

Please let me explain. It is 6:05 am on Wednesday morning and I was just woken up by people who climbed the locked gate to dump garbage in our dumpsters. It has been a problem since before my wife and I moved into our condo, and will apparently be a problem after we leave. Not that we are leaving, I just think it will never end.

It wouldn't concern me, but the noise wakes me up. I mean, I do also feel a sort of animal need to protect my property, so after it wakes me up I try to stop them, but most of the time they are gone before I can do anything. Maybe I will start to take pictures of them and post them on my blog, like some kind of crazy neighbor (Gladys Kravitz). Or, maybe I will just continue, waiting to catch them in the comedic criminal act of dumping garbage, so I can threaten them out my window, "hey you kids get off my lawn"(making me feel like an old man at 38). Maybe I will follow them home, and dump garbage into their garbage cans, but they must not have any since they have to put it in my dumpster, making the dumpster full, so other tenants leave the lid open, and the smell of hot garbage wafts up so we can't leave the windows open in the summertime. I know its winter, but if I let them do it now, they do it in the summer too.

Oh well, I had better get ready for work. I mean I should be happy, its a holiday week and today is really Friday. Later.