Thursday, November 29, 2007

Viaduct stories

So most days I drive to work from West Seattle to Queen Anne on the viaduct. Most of the time when making this morning ride I take the Western St. exit. The last stretch of this trek is directly below a park in the Pike Place Market area. The edge of the viaduct below the park is always littered with odd items. I wish I knew the stories of how they found their way to sitting on the edge of the viaduct. Shoes, coats, and a cane are all items I have seen in the last year. How do you lose your cane over the edge of a highway?

I will be sorry when the viaduct is taken down, or rebuilt, or whatever. I have always thought it gave Seattle character. Raise your glasses to the Viaduct.


dr said...

i heart viaduct

irina said...

my sister threw my mom's purse out of the car window once.