Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Odd Warnings

The other day someone left some packing materials in my office at work. This is a copy of one of the warnings on a bag used to wrap a computer.

On first glance I was curious how Casper the Ghost had gotten caught in the computer screen. I know its a bag, just kidding.

Then I thought, if you just bought a computer, shouldn't you know not to put your head in the bag it was packed in and hold it closed? If your head is in the bag do you have to look in the mirror to read the warning, and shouldn't they print the warning in reverse making it easier to read in the mirror?

Why are Casper's eyes closed? If they were open he might be able to see the visual warning. It also might be easier to read without the bag on his head as well.

Pay attention to the warning labels, they might save Casper's life, if he wasn't already a ghost.

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