Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new sticker under the bridge

So when we were driving to work on Monday my wife and I saw a new sticker under the West Seattle bridge. Actually it was two. this is the first time I have seen a combo in this series.

I also saw some new stuff on the way back to the car. I received a message from a fellow graffiti fan who goes by the name phase 3 which is the name we chose for our latest musical experiment. he asked what the influence for the name was. For him it was the graffiti artist from New York named phase 2 and wanted to know if I had seen his work. I looked him up and found a little bit of history on graffiti. Phase 2 was the first to use bubble style lettering. When I saw these I thought of him.

I have wanted to take a picture of this piece for a while. Its on the back of an old boat covered in ivy.


ig said...

i think that the bird and girl might be a sly fashion ad.

we have a photograph of similar birds in the Urban Archives and someone wrote me and gave this link http://notouchingground.com/

i am not sure what to make of it...

mthead said...

those birds on that link have the human form in the bird that seems to be their signature, thats missing from this bird. could be the same though, I see what you mean. d said she thinks the woman is pointing to other locations of stickers. i hope the whole thing hasn't just been some ad. its fun to follow anyway.

dr said...

i would be SO bummed if it is an ad campaign, although i'm not sure what that website is for. it definitely looks like the same technique for making and applying the stickers, but a different art style. thanks for the clue ig.

ig said...

you're right, the birds are different.

the bird theme and the pointing people reminded me of that site and the hand holding a feather (on the gallery page) could be the point of departure from people-birds and more like your West Seattle graff style but it is a stretch.

dr, if it is an ad for clothing it seems like it's all very homemade, so maybe its not as bad. but i agree, style does look different, so probly it's not an ad.

also, i think that website can go on www.websitesthatsuck.com though I appreciate it trying something out of the box.