Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I thought I would say a few words about our cat Boris. He is getting quite old, I think he is 15 years old. For at least a year maybe more he has been blind. Yet he still is able to play with his catnip toy, usually at night. My wife was noticing the other day how he can toss the toy in the air and still find it when it falls down. Nitetime is when he tends to wake up. Other than that he sleeps most of the time, eats, and lets us know that we need to sit on the couch so he can sit between us and let us pet him. He's a good kitty.

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gi said...

Boris is indeed a good kitty. even when he was mad because you guys were gone, he was still pretty nice to me anyway and let me pet him on his way to work every morning. i love him.