Thursday, April 26, 2007

Standoff at Brandon St.

Well my wife called me this afternoon when I was still at work and as we were talking she looked outside and said something must be going on. She saw lots of police in the road. Thinking nothing of it we continued our conversation and said our goodbyes.

A little later she called and said something weird must be going on because they were talking on a megaphone telling someone to come out. Being the sound freak I thought, "honey get it on tape", "Use the camera record some video". She wasn't too into that idea, but I coaxed her into it a while later. I didn't get any megaphone of use, but some good sounds of her bitching at me. (note: save for later)

When I got home I took some photos. these aren't in chronological order. The first is the S.W.A.T. team vehicle in front of the house

This on is out our window of a police officer looking at the house.

This is the police loading the tear gas gun.

This is the smashed car that the man barricaded had allegedly busted up with an ax. I saw the ax sticking out on the new report. You can watch it here:

As I watched from the street dr called right when they started to launch tear gas into the house. Not long after the police told us they had already taken him into custody and he was no longer on the scene. It felt anti climatic, like waiting for a rock star to emerge from the backstage door, only to be told they have already left after you have sat for an hour.

I felt bad for the guys who were working on the houses next door. They had to finish after the cops left. The standoff lasted from around 2:00pm to 5:30pm or so. Kind of surreal to come home to. Its after 9pm now and the news trucks are still on the scene.

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tessa said...

Wow! I see this stuff on the news all the time...but it seems so much more real when it happens near you!