Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Animal graffiti stickers

Over the last year I have noticed some interesting graffiti around Seattle. When I first spotted the wolf, it seemed like a very elaborate spray paint job. It was too far away from the street inside a condemned structure for me to get a close look. When I saw the building was being torn down I took a photo.

Later after my wife and I had moved to West Seattle I spotted the bear.

It was some time after when I saw the owl, just a few posts down from the bear.
Then a few months later I was waiting for my bandmates outside our practice space in Georgetown. I had forgotten my keys yet again, which is a whole different story. As I paced back and forth I looked over the train tracks and saw the moose.
He has since been taken down. I think I was very lucky to catch him because he couldn't have been up for very long.
I will be on the lookout for more throughout the city and will post them as they appear.

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ig said...

i love these! i think that the owl is my favorite because of the way it sits on the sign, though i love the way the deer is walking through the weeds too.