Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not feeling older

So last night I got home from work and I was feeling run down. It wasn't an especially hard day, just middle of the week blues. Now I tend to go in a 1000 different tangents, so keep reading if I get off-track. So anyway when I got home I was tired. Now I had planned on going to the studio to record, but I had a low grade headache that had stuck around all day, and I was tired. But my wife said she was going to clean the house because her mother is coming this weekend, so I had to leave. Which was good. I really wanted to go to the studio and record, I just needed a boost, an extra push. I had also planned to go see Mono and Kinski play at Nuemo's. Though as has been the all to often case I couldn't make it to both. I did go to the studio, and we did record. It turned out great. We will return next week and record some more,but I didn't go out afterwards.

I just don't have the same fire to see live music that I used too. Its OK though, I have come to terms with it. For the time being, I just don't seem to want to go out to shows anymore. I call it a phase.

On that note I think I should let people know that if they get the chance they should go see "Grindhouse". I don't normally tell people to see movies in the theaters. I think most movies can be enjoyed at home. But this movie is definitely a theater viewing if you can. It will bring the nostalgia for those of us that can remember, and set a historical vibe for those that are too young, or just didn't go to movies in the past.

If you don't like gory movies, than disregard, cause the first part is very gory. But if you do try to make it out before it moves to DVD.

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