Thursday, April 26, 2007

Working for the news must suck.....

This is a shot of the news van outside our house at 9:30pm. I watched the news at 10pm and they were doing a live shot from next to the car the crazy guy busted up with an ax. They had to wait 5 hours for a 30 second new piece. That van must be real comfortable to hang out in for 5 hours to do 30 sec. worth of work. I can remember wanting to work the technical side of the TV news back when I was in high school. Now it doesn't seem so glamorous, watching them out my window. Its 10:15 and they still haven't left yet. Boring van. It seems like a office cubicle on wheels. Its has a cork board like some one might have in their office. But its cramped and there are 4 people in it. Its like a stakeout in the movies, but you can see inside, and they are bored. They are getting ready to leave now, 10:18pm.
As they drive off I look at the plastic shrink wrap advertising that covers the outside of the van and remember the van that Immortal Records gave Goodness when we were on the Candlebox tour. It was covered like that with the names and faces of all the bands on Immortal at the time, Korn, Incubus, Goodness, and others I can't remember now. When we started the tour we felt real stupid. As time went on we got used to it, sort of became a running joke. Then the bass player from Candlebox started tearing off pieces bit by bit. By the end of the tour the van looked like a patchwork of half names and faces, some sort of crazy collage done by the deranged, (or any korn fan for that matter).
I bet I know what its like to sit in that news van. It feels like hurry up and wait.

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tessa said...

News is fact..a lot of working in tv is boring...sitting around...waiting...and all for 5 seconds of video. Yuck!