Monday, April 14, 2008

Super High Me

Yesterday we went to see a new documentary called, "Super High Me" . I hadn't heard anything about it until my wife asked if I wanted to go. I thought she said do you want to see Super Hymie, which I thought might be a movie about a Jewish superhero, so I asked what it was. She said a comedian had decided to smoke marijuana for 30 days and record the effects, like the guy in "Super Size Me " had done with McDonalds food.

We went to the first showing of the day on Sunday , 4:15pm, which my wife said should have been 4:20pm to go with the films tag line of 420 24/7 for 30 days. Doug Benson is the comedian that came up with the idea. Originally it was a bit in his act, then the films director approached him and they decided to do the film. Doug goes 30 days with out using marijuana or drinking alcohol. During the 30 sober days he has some tests done (S.A.T., Psychic Ability, and a mental ability/reaction/memory test, physical) to set a sober benchmark and lets his audience in on the project. Then he goes 30 days smoking pot and takes all the tests again. The film also visits several medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles and touches on the politics of the medical marijuana in the US.

I thought it was funny, the political side was a little unfinished and I thought the film jumped around too much. It could have focused more on him and what he was doing. It left me wondering if the director and producers were spending too much time doing bong hits and not enough working on the film. The comedy bits were great and I liked his interaction with other comedians talking about drug use. I could have seen more of that and maybe would have liked the film more. The history of the medical marijuana dispensaries gave me more information than I already knew, but left me with questions and didn't follow a timeline in the movie, so it was a little confusing.

If you are looking for more info on medical marijuana you might want to try something else, but for a funny documentary it was a good time.

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