Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Perfect from now on

So the other day I was looking at a post on Pitchfork about the line up for the upcoming All Tomorrow's Parties and saw that several bands were playing sets of complete albums. Most of them were bands I liked or had seen in the past. One was Built to Spill playing "Perfect from now on".

I thought that might be a cool set to catch. Now I don't ever really travel to see shows. I might catch something in another city if I'm there, maybe check ahead of time to see who's playing and if anyone I know is playing to say hello. But I don't plan trips around that, and I don't like festival shows as a rule.

Still I looked at the overall line up and thought I might want to see some if not all of the bands playing.

I picked up my Ipod and scrolled down to Built to Spill. The record wasn't on my Ipod. Now I don't have all of Built to Spills records, but I knew I had listened to that one over and over. Then I realized I had never bought it on CD. I had owned a tape of it. I became lost in the switch over to the digital age. So I went out the other night and got a new copy to add to my Ipod.

It is still a masterpiece. The guitars float back and forth melodies combining in that magical way only music from the past does. Reminding me of the years that have past.

I don't think I will be going to the show, I saw them play this record live when it came out, but I am glad of the reminder and the visit of some music from my past.

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