Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A couple of weeks ago we started watching the show "NCIS". They were running marathons on saturdays and I started recording them just to try to have something to watch, as we are still being affected by the writers strike. I have to say its not too bad. Some of the characters are annoying, but we are warming up to it. We haven't caught up to the latest shows, but we will soon.


tp said...

I tried watching that show, but I felt like I was watching something my grandmother would love...I just couldn't get into it.

dr said...

I agree, it's very "Murder She Wrote", but it's something to watch. The characters are god awful, but my favorite part of the show is that they don't really start the wrap up unitl about 54 minutes in...which sort of keeps you hanging, if you can stay interested that long. And...I sort of love "Murder She Wrote"!