Monday, April 14, 2008

Cat Power

Friday at the last minute I decided to take my wife to see Cat Power at the Showbox Sodo. Having never seen a show there since it opened as the Premier I had no idea what the room was like or what to expect. The room I liked, I didn't check out the bar, but the stage and sound system were good. The stage is at the back of the room and is kinda stuffed under the rafters, so some of the lights look shoved into place, but overall I thought it worked. The sound wasn't stellar for the first act, Appaloosa and was still a little boomy for Cat Power, but I liked it better than the original Showbox.
Cat Power was playing songs from her latest record of covers. She had a great backing band who all played great. She seemed top be having problems with the monitors and apologized to the crowd at one point. Aside from that her performance was good. I liked her stage presence and thought she sang well. We left before the encore as they had taken a long time to get onstage at the beginning of the show and broke down into a bass and keys jam session for 15 mins at the end. It seemed like she might come back out, but I was ready to go.

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