Friday, August 29, 2008

noise and indie rock

Last night was busy. First I went to Full Tilt Ice Cream to see Brizbomb. He has this huge rack with some analog synth modules and lots of effects running into a mixer and uses it to create some real cool sounds. I played some pinball and relaxed to his super low end sounds. I wondered how the crowds that are usually out in front of the bars next to the ice cream shop would react, and to my surprise some of them came in and checked it out.

Then I headed up to the Comet to see Poseur . The photo I took with my phone didn't turn out so good, but the show was great. I hadn't seen them since I was doing sound at the Crocodile back in 2002 and they opened up for the Mates of State. They sounded tight. I hadn't listened to the new cd too much, but I put it on this morning on my way in and I think I will be hearing it more and more.

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