Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pineapple Express

So I had so much fun playing on Sunday I forgot to mention the movie we saw earlier in the day. Pineapple Express I thought was going to be a goofy movie about a stoner process server and his drug dealer who get in to some crazy situations. Instead it turned out to be some kind of combination of "Cheech and Chongs Next Movie" and Hard Boiled . Now I found some of it to be funny, but overall I got lost somewhere between when his girlfriend's dad started shooting and the end of the movie. Maybe I need to be stoned, cause it seems like it was written by stoners who had a great idea while watching some of their favorite movies, but forgot it once the weed wore off and ended up with this movie instead. I say save it for video and wait for the next big thing in comedy to roll up in smoke.

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