Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looper #2

So a few months back I posted about Boss RC 20xl looper pedal. I used to love it, then it died. I was about to play a show a couple of weeks ago and it stopped working. I played the show without it and called the Boss customer service the next day. They said I could send it in, but as I didn't have the receipt it wasn't eligible for warranty service. I sent it off thinking I could pay the cost of repairs, but when they called they said they could sell me a new unit for $10 dollars less than retail, plus the cost of shipping (not to mention the cost I had already advanced shipping it to them). I chose not to buy a new pedal from them, but to look at some of the others on the market.
I settled on the Digitech Jamman. I haven't used it with my other gear yet, but it looks cool.

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