Friday, August 29, 2008

Bumber --- Shoot!!!

So over the last few days I have been thinking about how Bumbershoot has changed over the years. Not that change is bad, but one of the changes they have introduced, well suck.

Today is a Friday, in the days after they started to charge for the event ,Friday's were still free. Not any more, today is just set up for the weekend, starting tomorrow it is $40 per day to get in. With the schedule the way it works out, I can see maybe one band on each day I want to see, none of which I want to pay $40 to see. When I was younger, the festival was free. I could check out art, music and performance that I might not otherwise view, all for free. Even in the years after they started to charge $5 to $10 to see multiple bands was still a good deal. The problem was during those years I was working for bands that played so I got to go for free then as well.

Fast forward to now, all the bands I might want to see are playing around the same time, and I could see any of them for less than $40 at a club without all of Seattle milling around when I'm trying to get in.

Well if you decide to go this weekend, go see Battles. They will be worth it.

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