Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What to do?

So in my spare time I started to think of different ways to make a little extra cash to fund my synthesizer habit. Not that I really need any new ones, I wouldn't even say I have been looking for any lately, but it is always fun to think of wierd projects. Today I signed up for a service where I can make money blogging about random stuff. I don't know if I will actually do it, but I could get paid to write blogs about products and companies and such. No much, like $5 per blog and you can't just pump out a whole bunch at one time, they have to be spaced between other blog entries. So it could take a long time to get say a Moog Little Phatty . Not that I'm looking I am just using it for example.

So it would go like this, I might be able to come up with 3 or 4 blogs per month for this pay per blog thing, so around $20 total per month it would take me around 5 years to buy a Little Phatty. If I donated plasma as well I could make about $180 per month. So if I did both I could get one in around 6 to 7 months. That is if I could donate plasma for 6 months twice a week. Trouble is I don't think I could donate plasma once, much less twice a week for 6 months.

I could collect and recycle cans and bottles, I don't even know how to break that one down, but I think it would be longer than just the pay per blog, even if I did them at the same time.

I could take up gambling. Playing in weekend Texas Hold' em tournaments could fund it quickly,but this option could work in the reverse with would be counterproductive.

For some time now I have been trying to participate in medical testing, which pays well, but takes up too much time for me to work when I would be in a trial. If the malaria test comes through I could get up to $4000 to let them give me malaria. I could buy a couple synths with that one. No need to blog, bleed, or collect, just let 5 mosquitos bite me and wait till the bacteria shows in my blood, then get the check. As Steve Martin used to say, "One show, goodbye".

Well enough dreams of odd ways to make money, I think I will just save a little bit of the money I already make and maybe surprise myself for my birthday.


dr said...

I think I could arrange to have one of your kidneys removed!

tp said...

I think you could probably make a LOT of money standing on a freeway exit ramp asking for money. I see people giving panhandlers money all the time. Just use a sign saying you want to buy a synthesizer, not synthetic drugs and you should be good to go. I also had a friend in New York who would go play music in the subways and he and his friends made about 50-100 a day on a busy weekend. I think the music just has to be decent.

mthead said...

If we only had a subway...