Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blackjack and raw power

So I'm a firm believer in handmedown technology. I have given away old computers, passed on musical instruments and many other kinds of stuff (I think). A week ago some friend's gave me their "old" Samsung Blackjack after they upgraded to Iphones. After they located the usb connector I updated it to Windows Mobile 6 and away I went. I was able to install Google maps in case I got lost and hooked it up to my work and personal email. The early polls say its great, I love it. My wife thinks the email alert sound is a robot and refers to it in this fashion, "Your thing made a noise again!!!".

I also stopped at Easy Street Records to buy The new Grand Archives record and while I was waiting in line I saw they had The Stooges "Raw Power" on sale for $7.99, I couldn't pass it up. I love that record, the new mixes are a little different than I remember, but I still think it has the same feel. many nights were spent partying to this record when I was in college. One the other side of the coin, the new Grand Archives record is great as well in a totally different way.


dr said...

Oh, the comments I could leave on this post...but I think I'll just leave them up to your imagination. There are so many juicy tidbits to comment on!

Oh, I think your thing is making some noise!

tp said...

now--have you ever gotten lost on you long board and had to use google maps on your black jack to find your youth?