Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Korg MS2000

I still remember when I was looking to buy my first real hardware synth. I had finished recording an electroclash band and after looking at all of thier synths I thought I might like to add one to the pile of noisemakers I already had. My problem was money, they cost and I didn't have much. I also followed the memory of a friend who had bought a minimoog at a garage sale for $100. It needed some work, but hell I can solder.

I checked out my local music store and they had a display with the Korg microkorg. It was small which I liked, but had small keys that felt not real. They also seemed like they might break. I did a little research and saw it had the same synth engine as the Korg MS2000.

A couple of weeks later a used MS2000 showed up at the same store. It was full size and had lots of knobs and buttons. I played some patches and realized it might be what I wanted. After I took it home, we soon became great friends. I still use it live today.

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dr said...

A keyboard for a real man, not like that microkorg! And who knows how to haggle with those Guitar Center employees???