Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New sticker on garbage container by the bank

I was dropping off a deposit today when I saw this on a dumpster outside the bank.

I think I have seen the ghost part before, but I can't be sure. The pincers almost look like an afterthought. Looks pretty cool though.

In another note, it looks like the Strangers slog has once again come to the party late. In this post Jen Graves talks about NTG. She also puts a link to the video at Dodge and Burn that shows him posting art outside and talks about his art opening last April. Just seems to me like they might not want to post his real name. I know that Dodge and Burn posted it back in April, but I think that the Slog might have a few more readers. With the recent closing of all ages shows at Atlas after the article that Eric Grandy wrote, one would think that Stranger writers might think before they post. I did learn that the stickers of creepy looking children are a different artist like I thought. They go by the name Dogleaf,here is a link to a flickr page with lots of their artwork .

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