Monday, July 30, 2007

CH Block Party

We went down to the Capitol Hill Block Party on Saturday for 5 hours or so. Met some friends and walked around the booths, which took about 15 minutes. The stages were set up in an odd configuration, I didn't like the layout. This also brings me to my other complaint, why? I mean the block party just seemed like any other summer festival show. ( Ozzfest, Lollapalozza, Sasquatch) So, I don't know why it was called the Block Party. It is a paid to get in event, it doesn't benefit the local businesses, it benefits no one really in my mind ( I later found out some money goes to the Vera Project, but how much?). The people seemed to like it. I saw a couple of bands that put on good sets. So I guess the block party is just about seeing some cool bands in the street.
Gabriel Teodros was great, only caught the end of his set, but it was amazing. A live hip hop band is always the way to go if you are watching hip hop and his band was great.
Grand Archives were good as well, I still think that the vocals could be louder, and at least one song made me think of The Carpenters, but I do love their harmonies. I need to catch them somewhere other than Neumos, the sound there has been lacking since the departure of house soundman Scotty.
Against Me were a powerful pop/punk band ( although I hate to use that label). The crowd went crizazy for them.
I waited until 9:45 for Spoon, who set up some of their own gear ( always a sign of a cool band) and then slammed right into the first song when they got on stage. I saw them several years back at The Crocodile and they have only gotten better. the singer Britt Daniels has a great stage presence and kept the crowd involved. I would have liked to hear the horns that were on the new record, but I understand.
I took the photo above during Spoon's set, the night sky above the block party.


dr said...

ok, you used the label "pop/punk", the divorce papers are in the mail. pop/punk is an oxymoron and anyone who plays it is ruining the bad name of punk rock!!! Please post a link to the documentary you ran across the other day about punk and the pop/punk commericialization craze.

mthead said...

Documentary? I don't remember any documentary. Pop-punk is a legitimate term used to describe the current advertising campagine for Hot Topic.