Friday, July 27, 2007

Owl heads posing

My wife sent me this yesterday from the dumpster for the new Cha Cha on Capitol Hill.

I like the owl people, they look ominous, as well as posing for the camera. I thought this would be a good picture for the weekend as my wife won tickets to the Capitol Hill Block Party and I think we will be spending a little time in that area. I will bring my camera to take some photos. We have to go to a wedding tonight so we might not make it until tomorrow.


Stucco said...

So what's an "NTG"?

Stucco said...

Ah- No Touching Ground, never mind :)

ig said...

(nice picture stucco!)

the owls are very cool, i like their feisty posturing.

hey when are you guys planning to be at the block party? Gi and I might try to catch you there. We miss you.

shorifmiss said...

I took a lot of photos in this town, so I'm going to break them down into two posts.

Bellevue Stucco