Monday, July 14, 2008

Hellboy 2 and the case of the wrong day

So last Saturday I thought we had a party to attend in Olympia, Wa. I picked my wife up from work at 5:45pm and we headed down I-5. When we got to our friend's driveway we noticed a lack of vehicles. I had called before we left and no one had answered the phone. Needless to say the party wasn't until the next weekend. Luckily it was a nice day for a drive. On the way back we stopped for a movie.

Hellboy 2 was good. If you didn't see the first don't worry, they catch you up and I think that you should be able to follow. I liked the first Hellboy, I thought some of the villians in Hellboy 2 looked better, and the sets looked better overall from the first film. Ron Perlman was great, as was Seth McFarland as a ghostlike gas that moves around in a suit that looked like a early diving get-up. There were lots of gears in this movie I found myself looking at the gears, I might need to see again so I can count the instances of gears. The final word, go see it.

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