Monday, July 28, 2008

Ama Ama for brunch

Yesterday my wife and I went to Ama Ama for brunch. While I was hoping for some kind of oyster fry omelet and that wasn't on the menu, which I thought odd for a oyster bar, I did find it to be an unexpected treat.

I'll start with the coffee, it was Cafe Vita and only comes in press pots. You can get a small 2 cup or a large 4 cup. It was great, a light chocolate flavor, not bitter, amazing. Then we had the jumbo cinnamon roll, which was more of a dessert. It was covered in caramel and frosting. I loved it, my wife thought it was over the top.

For the main course my wife had the Tino's Benedict. It is lamb sausage over polenta and poached egg with hollandaise sauce. The egg was done just right and the hollandiase sauce perfect as well.

I had the Dungeness Omelet. I liked it, but it had a sauce as well and made it a little loose and runny for me. The bacon I ordered came crisp and tasty and the potatoes were fried to a crispy goodness.

We didn't have any, but we saw someone get a bacon Bloody Mary, complete with a strip of the same bacon I had. it looked good as well.

If you want a new place for breakfast I would give it a try, we will definitely be back.

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dr said...

It was definitely a little pricier than your average brunch at the Chelan Cafe, but it felt special. But we did splurge with the cinnamon roll. The coffee was amazing and just all around yummy! We'll definitley go back.