Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Phone Banking

So, I have been making calls for the last couple of nights for the Approve 67 campaign. Like I said in the previous post I don't want to make my blog into a political statement, but I do support this campaign.

I haven't done any kind of phone calling since 1992 when I did a short stint as a telemarketer for a sort of shady contractor who did remodel and repair work. The manager of the telemarketing job, I think lived in the office and he chewed tobacco, so cups of chew spit were all over the room. The lists we called off of were sort of outdated. More than a few times I spoke with people who's ex or recently deceased spouse was who I asked for. Needless to say it didn't go well. Some cried, some yelled, and some hung up. I didn't get anyone who wanted to have any work done. We got paid by the hour , so I still made money. I only lasted a couple of weeks, if I remember correctly.

I also did half a day for another outfit. I can't even remember what they sold. It was so bad I left at the lunch break and never came back.

I thought that calling for this campaign would be similar, but I was wrong. Most calls have been messages. The people I have talked to have been mostly nice, a few hang ups and only a few people who are against the referendum.

What ever you think about this referendum remember to vote on November 6th in Washington.

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