Friday, August 17, 2007

So the first week of traffic has passed....

The first three days I went to work 1 hr. early. The last two days I left about 20 mins. earlier than usual and arrived to work 1/2 hr. early. All days traffic was lighter than my normal morning commute. As far as I can tell, traffic on SR 99 has been the same or lighter than normal. I haven't had to travel on I-5, but I would guess the slowdowns have been normal for the lanes closed. Not nearly the city crippling traffic that had been suggested in the weeks before the construction started. Either the scare tactics worked or the traffic figures were overblown, anyway I'm glad have I a few days off next week.

Tonight I think we are going to see "Superbad". I think it is just what I need, a mindless teen comedy to lighten the mood.

I also saw the remains of another NTG sticker. I didn't take a picture as not much was left. At one time it was a mountain goat. But most of it had been removed. The horns were still left, and the backside. It is on the south wall of the building that Snowboard Connection is in Pioneer Square. I felt like I was looking a an animal going extinct when I saw the half torn off sticker. I don't know if that was the artist intent, but I thought it was an interesting reaction.


Katy Shaw said...

Good luck with the traffic! I also live in West Seattle, but I have been lucky enough to work from home during the I-5 mess. Not so tomorrow... I have to drive to the East Side.


JoeyJoJoJo said...

Sounds like many people had a similar experience with the I-5 thing, faster commute times, less traffic, strange, but what a relief!