Friday, August 31, 2007

Ready for the weekend

Seems like this week just flew by. Tonight we will be going to see the new movie "Balls of Fury", should be a good time. I also plan on doing some skateboarding and will be trying not to hurt myself. Last night I skated my longboard under the West Seattle Bridge. No photos sorry. It was a good time.
I am getting more stable and Love the Section 9 board I got for $30 on craigslist.

Just for those counting I now have 3 boards, 2 street and 1 longboard. All purchased from craigslist and total cost $50. I also bought new wheels and bearings for one of the boards at a cost of $56. So my new hobby still has cost me less than the complete boards I was looking at when I first looked into this sport. I need some new bushings for one of my street boards, but aside from that they are all functioning. Not too bad and I have been getting out of the house.

I have been looking at the Insect boards , I like the Surf Bug. I don't think I need a new board, but its okay too look.

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