Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Snookered", the media and WTF is up

So I had a rant I was working on earlier today about how it is unacceptable to me that a blogger could post a video on the Internet and everyone takes it at face value. No checking the source, no asking others what actually transpired, just soak in the truth from the video clip and take action. This is straight out of the Steven King movie "The Running Man",when Ben Richards (California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger)is wrongly accused of a massacre he tried to prevent, the frame is done by editing the footage the media airs. I mean Shirley Sherrod said one thing and Andrew Breitbart made it look like she was saying something else and he is still saying he was right.

Then I watched this clip from Rachel Maddow, which helped me calm down. NBC also had this to say about the incident. I'm glad that media figures are hitting back against the kind of shady reporting happening on "the network who will not be named" that helped to start this fiasco.

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