Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So a little about me. I like to watch television. I always have, from when I first viewed the magic box until now. I used to have the full cable package, well not porn channels, but just about everything else. Then a ways back we decided to save some money and one of the heads on the chopping block was the cable package. My wife being the smart one said lets see if we can just keep some of the movie channels. So we did and HBO won the battle against Showtime.

Some time passed and I became used to the channel package. I started to watch some network shows like CSI, the Law and Order family, Monk, MI6, Iron Chef, 24, Alias, the list goes on. Then the writers strike a couple of years ago happened and suddenly it came to a screeching halt. We began to watch shows on DVD and added some more to the list. This pattern of watch show on DVD continued after the strike ended and soon we came back to some of the shows on Showtime. Then the sneaky bastards called my wife after we got hooked to their shows and now we have Showtime again. I wonder who will win the next cable skirmish?

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