Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AMA AMA again

So my brother in law and his family gave me a gift certificate to AMA AMA. We were there a few weeks ago for the happy hour menu, but when we arrived today the menu had quite a few changes changed. We stuck to items on the small plate side of the menu so we could try a bunch at one time.

We started out with the Ahi Tuna Tartar and the Dungeness Crab Cocktail. The Ahi was a Mediterranean flavor with eggplant baba and sliced Moroccan olives. It was a party in my mouth. The crab cocktail was served on top of a avocado puree that complimented very well.

Next we had the iron roasted mussels. They were served on a skillet like fajitas, and were covered in a spicy rub. Amazing as well, I thought it was the best mussels I had ever had.

Last came the Crispy Veal Sweetbreads and the Pork Belly slider. It was a heavy duty end to a great meal, both dishes were very good, the Pork Belly was very rich, so I would suggest eating it earlier on, but I still recommend it.

If you haven't been to AMA AMA yet, now is the time to go.


dr said...

It was delicious, I have to agree, my 2 favorite dishes were the ahi tuna and the mussels. I'm looking forward to going back for those 2.

Thanks to the family!

Jeff said...

I am glad you enjoyed the meal, despite the menu changes. Its sounds like teh food was really tasty and a good way to celebrate your birthday!!