Monday, September 22, 2008

Mos Generator/ Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Last Friday a friend and I headed down to Jules Maes Saloon in Georgetown to see Mos Generator and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.
It was kind of nostalgic for us as we used to practice just a few doors down from Jules Maes back in the 90's and we spent many hours drinking at that bar in those days. At the time they weren't having shows in the back room. I remember (sort of) a interview we did with a writer for The Stranger that never made it into print were our singer John Bosch had her meet us at Jules Maes and I was drunk before she arrived. The interview took a terrible turn when after some prodding she got me to talk a little about how much I didn't trust the music media. The bar looks the same yet different now.
Now we practice across the street a few doors down and they are having shows in the back room. I love Mos Generator and had not yet seen Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth are a three piece comprised of Tad Doyle, Peg Tully and Eric Akre. They play heavy music. It was my first time seeing them and I didn't catch the whole set. The songs I did hear were heavy, slow with screamed vocals that made Tad look like his head was going to pop off. I will definitely check them out again.
Mos Generator are great live. A heavy rock band that isn't afraid of the bands that influenced them, but able to still have a sounds of their own. They are super tight and come to rock. That is what they delivered on last Friday night. Do your self a favor and check them out.

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