Friday, September 26, 2008

Battle in Seattle seems more like a small skirmish in a soap opera

Last night I went to see the new film Battle in Seattle about the WTO protests of 1999 in Seattle. I didn't have to pay, which was a good thing, because I don't recommend seeing it unless your watching it on cable on a rainy afternoon.

The movie did have its moments and it did use some real footage from during the protests, which I thought was odd because the newer shots of the city didn't exactly match up. I also liked the reactions of some of the WTO characters and police.

My main complaints were the addition of a love story which I felt took away from the facts of the incident. I also thought the portrayal of protesters in general was poor, and that adding written commentary at the end of the film detracted from the film. All in all it was a cheesy slick replacement for an important event in Seattle's history. It makes me sad to think that some people will see this film and it will replace the real facts for them. Movies like this are how history is distorted and watered down.

Definitely wait for cable if you are interested.

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